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Native Anerican Rights

Manataka Tipis (based in East Devon) have been making tipis for seven years, using the same design as the Native American tribes used. Although canvas has replaced the Buffalo hide, the feeling of energy and amount of space remain the same. These authentic reproductions create liveable and instructional tipis looking equally at home in backyards or world renowned museums.

The tipi's aerodynamics are such that when correctly pitched it can withstand the fiercest storms.
The smoke flaps are easily adjusted with the changing wind directions safely allowing a fire inside — even in heavy wind and rain creating a vortex which draws the smoke up and out.

Our tipis are patterned after original Native American designs, they vary from 9ft children's to 30ft ceremonial sizes. We also supply beautiful handmade Tipi Poles. View tipi prices page for more info.

The word Tipi (teepee) is from Lakota (Sioux language) "Ti" meaning inhabit or dwell and "Pi" a place. The Sioux Tipi is very popular because of the extensive historical information available about the tribe. The Sioux Sitting Bull is probably the best known of all American chiefs.

Manataka 16ft tipi
A versatile structure
Our Tipis or Lodges have a large variety of uses:

Extra accommodation for friends or family
Full time home
Back packer accommodation
Camping holidays Weddings / parties
Educational /workshop / studio
Retreat / meditation / healing spaces, etc.
Yoga Space